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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 10 - Verse 40

Verse 40. Martha was cumbered about much serving. Was much distracted with the cares of the family, and providing suitably to entertain the Saviour. It should be said here that there is no evidence that Martha had a worldly or covetous disposition. Her anxiety was to pro- vide suitable entertainment for the Lord Jesus. As mistress of the family, this care properly devolved on her; and the only fault which can be charged on her was too earnest a desire to make such entertainment, when she might have sat with Mary at his feet, and, perhaps, too much haste and fretfulness in speaking to Jesus about Mary.

Dost thou not care, &c. This was an improper reproof of our Lord, as if he encouraged Mary in neglecting her duty. Or perhaps Martha supposed that Mary was sitting there to show him the proper expressions of courtesy and kindness, and that she would not think it proper to leave him without his direction and permission. She therefore hinted to Jesus her busy employments, her need of the aid of her sister, and requested that he would signify his wish that Mary should assist her.


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