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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 8 - Verse 21

Verse 21. Because. This is the ground of his hope, and this sustains him now. It is the purpose of God that deliverance shall be granted, and this supports the Christian amidst the trials to which he is subjected here. The hope is, that this same renewed man shah be delivered from all the toils, and cares, and sins of this state.

The creature itself. The very soul that is renewed; the ransomed man without essential change. It will be the same being, though purified; the same man, possessed of the same body and soul, though freed from all the corruptions of humanity, and elevated above all the degradations of the present condition. The idea is everywhere presented, that the identical person shall be admitted to heaven without essential change, 1 Co 15:35-38,42-44.

That this is the hope of all Christians, see 2 Pe 3:13.

From the bondage of corruption. This does not differ materially from "vanity," Ro 8:20. It implies that this state is not a willing state, or not a condition of choice, but is one of bondage or servitude, (see Ro 7:15-24) and that it is a corrupt, imperfect, perishing condition. It is one that leads to sin, and temptation, and conflict, and anxiety. It is a condition often which destroys the peace, mars the happiness, dims the hope, enfeebles the faith, and weakens the love of Christians;and this is called the bondage of corruption. It is also one in which temporal death has dominion, and in the bondage of which believers as well as unbelievers shall be held. Yet from all this bondage the children of God shall be delivered.

The glorious liberty. Greek, The freedom of the glory of the children of God. This is,

(1.) liberty. It is freedom from the bondage under which the Christian groans. It will be freedom from sin; from corruption; from evil desires; from calamity; from death. The highest freedom in the universe is that which is enjoyed in heaven, where the redeemed are under the sovereignty and government of their King, but where they do that, and that only, which they desire. All is slavery but the service of God; all is bondage but that law which accords with the supreme wish of the soul, and where commands accord with the perfect desires of the heart.

(2.) This is glorious liberty. It is encompassed with majesty; attended with honour; crowned with splendour. The heavenly world is often described as a state of glory. See Barnes "Ro 2:10".


Of the children of God. That the children of God shall enjoy.

{e} "Because the creature" 2 Pe 3:13

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