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Verse 57. When the even was come. That is, some time after three o'clock in the afternoon. Before this, the Jews had besought Pilate that the legs of those who were crucified might be broken, and the bodies be taken down, that they might not remain on the cross during the sabbath. The soldiers coming to Jesus, for that purpose, found that he was already dead, contrary to their expectation. A soldier, however, thrust a spear into his side, and there was furnished the fullest proof that he had expired. See Barnes "Joh 19:31"

through verse 37.

A rich man of Arimathaea. It is uncertain where Arimathaea was. There were several cities of that name in Judea. It is commonly supposed to be the same as Rama. See Barnes "Mt 2:18".

Luke says that this was a" city of the Jews;" and it is probable, therefore, that it was in the tribe of Benjamin, and but a short distance from Jerusalem. This man sustained a high character. He was an "honourable counsellor," Mr 15:43; he "waited for the kingdom of God;" he was "a good man, and a just;" he had nobly set himself against the wicked purposes of the sanhedrim, Lu 23:51; he was a disciple of Jesus, though he was not openly his follower, because he feared the Jews, Joh 19:38.

{w} "When the even" Mr 15:42; Lu 23:50; Joh 19:38

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