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Verse 8,9. If thy hand, etc. See Barnes "Mt 5:29,30".

The meaning of all these instances is the same. Temptations to sin, attachments, and employments of any kind that cannot be pursued without leading us into sin, be they ever so dear to us, must be abandoned, or the soul must be lost.

It is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed-with one eye, etc. It is not meant by this, that when the body shall be raised it will be maimed and disfigured in this manner. It will be perfect. See 1 Co 15:42-44. But these things are said for the purpose of carrying out or making complete the figure, or the representation of cutting off the hands, etc. The meaning is, it is better to go to heaven, without enjoying the things that caused us to sin, than to enjoy them here, and then be lost.

Halt. Lame.

Maimed. With a loss of limbs.

Into hell fire. It is implied in all this, that if their beloved sins are not abandoned, the soul must go into everlasting fire. This is conclusive proof that the sufferings of the wicked will be eternal. See Barnes "Mr 9:44, See Barnes "Mr 9:46, See Barnes "Mr 9:48".


{c} "Wherefore if thy hand" Mt 5:29,30; Mr 9:43,45

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