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Verse 18. Sea of Galilee. This was also caned the sea of Tiberias, and the lake of Gennesareth, and also the sea of Chinnereth, Nu 34:11; De 3:17; Jos 12:3.

It is about fifteen miles in length, and from six to nine in width. There is no part of Palestine, it is said, which can be compared in beauty with the environs of this lake. Many populous cities once stood on its shores, such as Tiberias, Bethsaida, Capernaum, Chorazin, Hippo, etc. The shores are described by Josephus as a perfect paradise, producing every luxury under heaven, at all seasons of the year. The river Jordan flows directly through the lake, it is said, without mingling with its waters, so that the course of the Jordan can be distinctly seen. The waters of the lake are sweet and pleasant to the taste, and clear. The lake still abounds with fish, and gives employment, as it did in the time of our Saviour, to those who live on its shores. It is, however, stormy, owing probably to the high hills by which it is surrounded.

Simon called Peter. The name Peter means a rock; and is the same as Cephas. See Barnes "Mt 16:18"; also See Barnes "Joh 1:42"; See Barnes "1 Co 15:5".


{n} "called Peter" Joh 1:42

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