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True Christianity

A Treatise

On Sincere Repentance, True Faith, The Holy Walk of the True Christian, Etc.

By the Venerable

Johann Arndt

General Superintendant of Ecclesiastical Affairs in the Principality of Lüneberg

Originally Translated Into English By Rev. A. W. Boehm, German Chaplain at the Court of St. James, and Published in London, A.D. 1712.

A New American Edition,

Revised, Corrected, and Furnished with Additional Matter From The Original German,

Together With A

General Introduction,

By Charles F. Schaeffer, D.D.,

Professor of Theology in the Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, at Philadelphia


The Lutheran Book Store,

No. 807 Vine Street.

Smith, English & Co., No. 23 N. Sixth Street.


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