Table of Contents

Title Page

Miscellaneous Prefatory

General Editor’s Preface

General Introduction

Part I. Questions 1–4; 20–23

Q. 1: What Sacred Doctrine Is, and What It Concerns

The Existence of God

Q. 3: Of the Simple Nature of God

Q. 4: The Perfection of God

Q. 20: The Love of God

Q. 21: The Justice and Mercy of God

Q. 22: Of Divine Providence

Q. 23: Of Predestination

Of Sin. Prima Secundae, Questions 82, 83

Treatise on Grace. Prima Secundae Questions 109—114.

Q. 109: Concerning the External Principle of Human Actions, That Is, the Grace of God

Q. 110: The Essence of God’s Grace

Q. 111: The Divisions of Grace

Q. 112: The Cause of Grace

Q. 113: The Effects of Grace

Q. 114: Concerning Merit, Which Is the Effect of Co-operative Grace

Treatise on the Theological Virtues

I. On Faith. Secunda Secundae, Questions 1–7

Q. 1: The Object of Faith

Q. 2: The Act of Faith

Q. 3: The Outward Act of Faith

Q. 4: The Virtue Itself of Faith

Q. 5: Of Those Who Have Faith

Q. 6: The Cause of Faith

Q. 7: The Effect of Faith

II. On Hope. Secunda Secundae, Questions 17—21

Q. 17: Of Hope Considered in Itself

Q. 18: The Subject of Hope

Q. 19: The Gift of Fear

Q. 20: Of Despair

Q. 21: Of Presumption

III. On Charity. Secunda Secundae. Questions 23, 27.


Biblical References

Index of References to Other Authors and Sources


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