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CHAPTER XCIIIThat Intelligences subsisting apart are not more than one in the same Species489489In other words, that every angel is a species by himself, and is definable, being the one possible object answering the definition

INTELLIGENCES subsisting apart are subsistent essences. Now the definition of a thing being the mark of its essence, is the mark of its species. Subsistent essences therefore are subsistent species.

2. Difference in point of form begets difference of species, while difference in point of matter begets difference in number. But intelligences subsisting apart have nothing whatever of matter about them. Therefore it is impossible for them to be several in one species.

4. The multiplication of species adds more nobility and perfection to the universe than the multiplication of individuals in the same species. But the perfection of the universe consists principally in intelligences subsisting apart. Therefore it makes more for the perfection of the universe that there should be many intelligences different in species than many different in number in the same species.490490A sort of canon of cosmic architecture. And in the architecture of human hands it makes more for the beauty of a frieze to have a procession of various figures, like the procession of Athenian knights in the frieze of the Parthenon, than to have one cast reproduced all round, suggestive of so much a foot. It makes for the beauty, and adds to the expense, but with the Creator there is no question of expense. But is not every human character the presentation of a distinct history, and every human face and form expressive of an individuality all its own?

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