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III236236   This is Letter LXVI. of Book III. in Gerberon’s edition.

To Burgundus and his Wife Richera,237237   Richera was St Anselm’s only sister, and Burgundius was her husband. Their only son was a younger Anselm, at this time a professed monk and in attendance upon his uncle, now Archbishop of Canterbury and, as appears from a letter written soon after this to his sister, in the midst of his dispute with Henry I. about the homage claimed from him by the king. on Burgundius’ departure as a Pilgrim to Jerusalem.

ANSELM by the grace of God Archbishop of Canterbury to his dear brother and friend Burgundius and his wife Richera, his own sister, health and the blessing of God, and to the best of his power, his own also.

You have sent me word, my dearest Sir and friend Burgundius, that you purpose to go to Jerusalem for God’s service and the health of your soul, and that you wish to have my consent to this, and that of your son, my nephew, Anselm.

I am glad to hear of your good intention and advise and entreat you, if you make this journey, neither to carry with you the sins you have committed nor to leave them behind at home, and to make a resolve of living well for the future, as befits a Christian of your degree. 144Make then a confession by name of all your sins from childhood upwards, so far as you can remember them. See that you have no sin to charge yourself with in respect of your wife, whose goodness you know better than I; but leave her so that she may have the means of counsel and support, whatever God may do with you, and that she be not driven from your house and estate against her will so long as she lives, but may be able to serve God for the safety of your body and soul, and for her own soul and that of your children. Dispose therefore of all your property as you would do if you knew you were just about to die and to give account of all your life to God.

You ask my consent; I pray God you may always and everywhere have God’s consent and counsel and aid and protection in all things.

I charge you, my dearest sister, turn your whole heart and mind to God’s service and, as God hath taken from you all pleasure in this life, consider that He has done this so that you may have pleasure in none but Him; love Him, desire Him, think upon Him, serve Him at all times and in all places.

God Almighty ever bless you both.

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