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Isaiah 55


Ho! ye that thirst, approach the spring

where living waters flow:

Free to that sacred fountain all

without a price may go.

How long to streams of false delight

will ye in crowds repair?

How long your strength and substance waste

on trifles, light as air?

My stores afford those rich supplies

that health and pleasure give:

Incline your ear, and come to me;

the soul that hears shall live.

With you a cov’nant I will make,

that ever shall endure;

The hope which gladdened David’s heart

my mercy hath made sure.

Behold he comes! your leader comes,

with might and honour crowned;

A witness who shall spread my name

to earth’s remotest bound.


See! nations hasten to his call

from ev’ry distant shore;

Isles, yet unknown, shall bow to him,

and Isr’el’s God adore.

Seek ye the Lord while yet his ear

is open to your call;

While offered mercy still is near,

before his footstool fall.

Let sinners quit their evil ways,

their evil thoughts forego:

And God, when they to him return,

returning grace will show.

He pardons with o’erflowing love:

for, hear the voice divine!

My nature is not like to yours,

nor like your ways are mine:

But far as heav’n’s resplendent orbs

beyond earth’s spot extend,

As far my thoughts, as far my ways,

your ways and thoughts transcend.

And as the rains from heav’n distil,

nor thither mount again,

But swell the earth with fruitful juice,

and all its tribes sustain:

So not a word that flows from me

shall ineffectual fall;

But universal nature prove

obedient to my call.

With joy and peace shall then be led

the glad converted lands;

The lofty mountains then shall sing,

the forests clap their hands.

Where briers grew ‘midst barren wilds,

shall firs and myrtles spring;

And nature, through its utmost bounds,

eternal praises sing.

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