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At the Vespers, for O Lord, I have cried, the Stichera, Tone 1. Similar to: The all-lauded martyrs...

Having truly and brightly adorned your hierarchical raiment with the blood of martyrdom, and having become lustrously ornate on both sides, ye have presented yourselves together with the angels unto the Creator; Him supplicate, O ye glorious saints, to grant peace unto our souls and great mercy.

Ye have appeared unto us truly as God-inspired organs; proclaiming the unspeakable mysteries of God in the divine scriptures and proving the foolishness of idol-worship, you have171brought all to Christ; Him supplicate to grant peace unto our souls and great mercy.

With the word of God's understanding, ye, O most wise ones, have delivered the people from their utter ignorance, and having saved them, ye have brought them unto the Word that hath shone forth, born of the Father, even to Christ our God; do supplicate Him to grant peace unto our souls and great mercy.

Glory...Both now...the Theotokion:

O all-hymned Virgin ! The mystery that is in thee, Moses with his prophetic eyes saw in the bush burning, yet unconsumed, for the divine fire hath not burnt thy womb, O pure one; wherefore we implore thee as the Mother of our God to obtain peace for the world and great mercy. [The Stavro-theotokion :

Standing at Thy cross, O Word of God, she-lamb and Thy Mother bewailing thus vociferated: Woe unto me, O my Son! How dost Thou die on the cross? Woe unto me, O my sweet Light! Where is now gone down the image of Thy beauty, O Thou---the fairest above men?

If Idiomelion be appointed, Glory...Tone 8:

Ye, O God-called ones, have passed out of the temporary cycles, after having endured sevenfold beating, paring and whole crucifying for Christ's sake, but neither fire, nor wounds and instruments of torture, could weaken the strength of your souls, and ye have trodden under your feet the strength of demons, O glorious hieromartyrs; wherefore supplicate Christ the God to save our souls. [Both now...the Theotokion:

Unto thy shelter, O holy Virgin--- Theotokos, I flee, and know that I shall find salvation through thee, for thou, O pure one, canst help me.

The Stavro-theotokion. Similar to: O most glorious wonder...

Seeing Thee nailed to the cross, O Jesus, and voluntarily accepting Thy passion, the Virgin, Thy Mother, O Master, cried out: Woe unto me, O my sweet Child ! How dost Thou endure the unrighteous wounds ?---O Physician, that hast healed the infirmity of mankind and hast delivered all from corruption through Thy compassion !


If the Celebration be with the Polyeleon say the Theotokion of the resurrection: The King of heavens... The Entrance. The Prokeimenon of the day. The three Readings of the martyrs (see Appendix.)

With the Versicles, the Stichera, Tone 4. Similar to: As a virtuous...

As the multi-lustrous stars that are spiritually shining forth upon the firmament of the church, you illumine all creation, driving away darkness by the power of light and the brilliancy of miracles, wherefore rejoicing to-day we celebrate your light-bearing and holy memory, O glorious hieromartyrs.

The Versicle: Let Thy priests be clothed with righteousness and let Thy saints shout for joy. Of equal honour with the apostles were ye, O hierarchs, and had withal equally zealous mind, not fearing the godlessness of the inhuman tyrants, but having manfully and earnestly preached the Saviour, ye have endured manifold sufferings; on that account ye are now in the enjoyment of the future rewards, O all-wise ones.

The Versicle: Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that greatly delighteth in His commandments.

Accomplishing the honourable services and offering unto the Master, Christ, the blameless sacrifice, ye have, O powerful and blissful hierarchs, offered unto Him yourselves as the perfect burnt-offerings in your martyrdom; Him supplicate to deliver from corruption and dangers those that in faith celebrate your honoured memory. [Glory...Tone 4:

Ye were invincible martyrs, most laudable hierarchs and the lights of the universe, the pillars unassailable of the divine church and standard of learning, instructors of the pious and exterminators of heresies, O God-wise fathers, bright preceptors of our souls, associates of angels and champions of the Trinity. [Both now...the Theotokion :

O Theotokos all-hymned ! Do thou wash off my passionate heart the filth, and cleanse, O pure one, all the wounds and suppurations of the heart proceeding from sin, and make my mind steadfast, that I, thine accursed and unprofitable servant, may magnify thy might and great intercession.


The Stavro-theotokion. Similar to: As a virtuous...

Seeing Christ---Lover of man---crucified and pierced in His side with a lance, the most pure one bewailed, crying out: What is this, O my Son? What have the ungrateful people rendered unto Thee for all the good Thou hast done unto them, and Thou dost most lovingly take care of my childlessness ? I wonder, O Compassionate One, at Thy voluntary crucifixion.

The Troparion from the Typicon; but, if there be no Typicon, say the following Troparion, Tone 4:

O God of our fathers that ever dealest by us according to Thy kindness, do not withdraw from us Thy mercy, but at their intercessions direct our life in peace.

[Glory...Both now...the Theotokion or the Stavro-theotokion.

At the Matins, for God is the Lord, the same Troparion. After the 1st Stichologia, the Cathisma, Tone 8. Similar to : Of the wisdom...

Imparting an abyss of wisdom---the spiritual depths, ye, holy ones, have preached the One Godhead in the Trinity and have detailed the orders of angels and the mysteries of their brightness, O God-wise ones; wherefore, setting in order the lower priesthood also, ye were led up into the one communion, O hieromartyrs. Do supplicate Christ the God to grant remission of sins unto those that with love venerate your holy memory. Twice. Glory...Both now...the Theotokion :

O cloud of the Reasonable Sun, the lamp wrought in gold of the Divine Light, unblemished, untainted, all-spotless Theotokos! Do thou enlighten my soul, darkened with the blindness of passions, with the brightness of impassivity, and wash off my defiled heart with the streams of emotion and the tears of contrition, and cleanse me from the mist of my deeds that I may lovingly call unto thee: O Theotokos---Ever-virgin, supplicate Christ the God to grant me remission of sins, for in thee I thy servant possess the hope.

After the 2nd Stichologia, the Cathisma, Tone 5. Similar to: The Co-unoriginate Word...

Having instructed your minds with apostolic discourses and174having well tended the communities of the faithful, ye have, O holy ones, offered a pure sacrifice unto the King and Creator that was incarnate for us of the Virgin-Theotokos and rose again in glory, Whom ye have confessed before the tyrants, O hieromartyrs. Twice. Glory...Both now...the Theotokion :

O fervent and invincible intercession, a hope sure and unassailable, a wall and shelter and refuge unto those that flee unto thee, O pure Ever-virgin! Supplicate thy Son and God, together with the angels, to grant unto the world peace and salvation and great mercy.

After Praise ye the name of the Lord, the Refrain: We magnify you, O hieromartyrs of Christ, and honour your holy memory, for ye do supplicate for us Christ our God.

The selected Psalm: Hear this, all ye people ...

After the Polyeleon, the Cathisma, Tone 1. Similar to : Whilst the stone was sealed...

Having cultivated the fruit of God's knowledge by your labours, ye have plucked out of the root of godlessness the stamina of doctrine, and having been anointed with grace as with an oil, have well tended the people in your charge, and having lawfully suffered martyrdom, ye were made worthy by Christ of double honour, O hieromartyrs. Glory unto Him Who hath granted you the strength; glory unto Him Who hath crowned you; glory unto Him Who through you granteth healing unto all.

Twice. Glory...Both now...the Theotokion:

Stretching out thy divine hands on which thou, O most holy Virgin, hast borne the Maker that was incarnate for the sake of mercy, do thou obtain from Him by entreaties that may be delivered from temptations, passions and dangers those who lovingly laud thee and vociferate: Glory unto Him Who hath tabernacled in thee; glory unto Him Who hath come forth from thee; glory unto Him Who hath delivered us through thy delivery.

Thereupon the Graduals, the 1st Antiphon of the 4th Tone. The Prokeimenon: Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. The Verse: What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits towards me ? Let every breath...The Gospel of175 the hieromartyrs, Luke xii. 32-40. After the 50th Psalm, the Sticheron, Tone 4, Idiomelion:

Being as pillars in the church of Christ, ye have destroyed the strong walls of unbelief; wherefore ye, O martyrs of separate orders, have before your death brought to utter failure the heretical storm, praying for our souls.

The Canon, Tone 4. Ode 1. The Heirmos:

The red abyss of the sea with unmoistened steps having crossed on foot, the Israel of old hath through the cruciform arms of Moses obtained victory in the wilderness over the forces of Amalek.

Being resplendent through the shedding of God's light, do, O glorious ones, deliver from the mist of passions those who piously glorify this light-bearing and bright festival of yours.

Put to shame was the wicked one by Thy martyrs and ministers, O Christ the King; although he assiduously attacked them and emptied his seditious quiver, yet was he unable to overcome their strength.

Being filled with the life-effecting and spiritual waters, ye have given drink unto those that were exhausted by the sultriness of the wicked godlessness, and have directed them unto the holy and saving water. [The Theotokion:

Pardoned was the crime of the forefathers rather through thy bringing forth, O most pure one, and the first entry into paradise hath been accorded to those who are loudly praising thee.

Ode 3. The Heirmos:

Delighted on Thine account is Thy church, O Christ, calling unto Thee: Thou art my strength, O Lord, both refuge and support.

Kindled mentally with the fire of the Comforter, ye have, O hieromartyrs, extinguished the flames of enchantment of the wicked one, rejoicing thereat.

With the light of the Spirit ye, O glorious ones, have attracted to the light of the holy baptism those that were in darkness profound.

As gold refined through the fire of martyrdom, have ye, O holy ones, appeared, having the seal of your sufferings as martyrs. [The Theotokion :

Thou hast given birth, O most pure and all-spotless Virgin, unto the Strong God that delivereth men from the violence of176the enemy. The Cathisma, Tone 8. Similar to: Of the divine faith...

Sanctified by the unction with the holy oil, ye have appeared as pastors unto the God-wise people and, having been sacrificed as pure lambs, ye were presented unto the Word---the Chief Pastor---that was slaughtered as a lamb, O all-praised martyrs and lamps of all the universe; wherefore we all celebrate with love your divine memory. [Glory. Both now...the Theotokion:

O Theotokos---our refuge and strength, mighty help of the world! With thine intercessions shelter thy servants from every want, O only blessed one. [The Stavro-theotokion:

Having acquired the staff of might in the cross of thy Son, we put down therewith the surgings of the enemies, unceasingly magnifying thee with love.

Ode 4. The Heirmos:

Elevated on the cross seeing Thee, the Sun of righteousness, the church stood up in her order worthily calling out: Glory to Thy power, O Lord.

Let the choir of the hieromartyrs be hymned, since they are adorned with the grace of episcopacy and with martyrdom, and joyously sing: Glory to Thy power, O Lord.

Having been taught the divine mysteries, ye have, O God-bearing fathers, well and truly tended the people in righteousness and truth, and have found the divine end in martyrdom.

Having been adorned with the divine gifts of the apostles and prophets, the divine choir of the hieromartyrs calleth out joyfully: Glory to Thy power, O Lord. [The Theotokion :

Catechized by God's word and seeing the realization of what was spoken of thee, O Theotokos, we call unto thee: Hail, O most spotless Virgin, having been delivered by thy bringing forth.

Ode 5. The Heirmos:

Thou, my God, didst come into the world as light, as a holy light that bringest out of the darkness of ignorance those who in faith hymn Thee.

With the divine brightness of the most wise preaching, ye have shone forth the light of grace unto those sitting in the darkness of enchantment.


Beholding now Christ face to face, ye are in the enjoyment of the ineffable light; do supplicate Him for us.

The divine river of Christ's teaching having been filled in you, ye have stopped the streams of enchantment and have filled the minds of the faithful with good drink. [The Theotokion :

Having selected thee alone out of all generations, the Lord was incarnate of thee, O Theotokos, and hath deified mankind.

Ode 6. The Heirmos:

I will sacrifice unto Thee, O Lord, with the voice of praise---crieth out unto Thee the Church, having been cleansed of the demon's blood with the blood that mercifully ran out of Thy side.

In manliness and wisdom having passed the life, the choir of Thy saints, O Lord, doth now rejoice in Thee in truth, in prayer and in chastity.

Sustained by the hope of eternal life, fracturings of your bodies ye have cheerfully endured, O valiant and holy ones, emulators of the divine prophets.

Having been educated on spiritual laws, ye have, O most wise ones, offered unto the lawless salutary laws and have led them unto the light of orthodoxy. [The Theotokion:

From life onto death was Adam dragged in paradise, but with thy life-effecting bringing forth, O Virgin, he was made immortal, O most pure God's Bride.

The Contakion from the Typicon; but if there be no Typicon, say the following Contakion, Tone 3. Similar to: The Virgin to-day...

As the never-setting lights of the reasonable Sun, we that are to-day assembled, will praise you in odes; for ye did shine forth unto those in the darkness of ignorance, and are now calling all to the height of piety, O hieromartyrs. Therefore we cry up to you: Hail, O ye the foundation of all those that keep fasts. [The Oikos :

Shed unto me, O Jesu the Life-giver, the primordeal beauty that I may hymn Thy hierarchs who have striven to emulate Thee even unto death and having severely beaten the forces of the enemy, and exposed the impious wickedness, under the strengthening power of the cross, have worthily obtained glory from Thee, O Christ; wherefore we call unto them: Hail, O ye the foundation of all those that keep fasts.


Ode 7. The Heirmos:

In the Persian furnace the youths, descendants of Abraham, burning rather with the love of piety than with the flame of fire, have called out: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord.

Made illustrious through the chrism of episcopacy and through the divine blood of martyrdom, ye are, O God-wise ones, glorified God-beseemingly on account of both, crying out: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord.

As if instantaneously have ye, O most praised ones, set at rest the earthly subtleties, when ye were elevated in a vessel of the most pure glory, calling out: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord.

Being not ignorant of the designs of the adversary, ye have, O glorious hieromartyrs, repelled every seditious insinuation of the tyrants, singing: Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy glory, O Lord. [The Theotokion:

The Lord that doth clothe the earth with mist and the heaven with clouds, hath Himself put on mortal flesh taken from thy blood, O Virgin, clothing men with the raiment of the glory of immortality.

Ode 8. The Heirmos :

Having spread his hands Daniel did close the jaws of the lions in their den; and the force of the fire was deadened by the zealously pious youths who girded themselves with virtue and called out: Bless the Lord, all ye works of the Lord.

Scourged with lashes and bodily pains, ye have, O hieromartyrs, obtained by your intercessions incorruptible life for all those who were serving inanimate gods and who, having been saved, are ever calling out with you: Bless the Lord, all ye the works of the Lord.

Being clusters of intellectual grapes, ye do now, O hieromartyrs, shed the wine of healing and gladden the hearts of all those who in faith praise you and vociferate: Bless the Lord, all ye the works of the Lord.

The tombs of hieromartyrs have shed miracles unto the universe, dissipating the enchanting illusions of the all-malicious demon, and they vouchsafe magnificent healings unto those that vociferate: Bless the Lord, all ye the works of the Lord. [The Theotokion :


The Ever-existing that was born of thee, O most pure one, was seen as a man, double in nature, deeds and desires, having voluntarily put on the likeness and appeared; unto Him we sing in faith: Bless the Lord, all ye the works of the Lord.

Ode 9. The Heirmos:

A stone cut out without hands from an untouched mountain---from thee, O Virgin, was separated---that corner-stone, even Christ, Who hath joined together the distant natures; rejoicing thereat, we magnify Thee, O Theotokos.

Celebrating the sacred memory of the holy hieromartyrs, come O ye all, let us with loud and sacred odes honour them, that supplicate for us our God the All-compassionate.

Having been consoled by the Word, having cleansed your souls of every defilement and having been divested by martyrdom of your fleshly raiment, ye have put on the beautiful garment of salvation.

We are, O people, gathered together in memory of the martyrs to take up the grace of the saints, and to hymn the valiant hieromartyrs who suffered manfully and put down the origin of evil.

Carrying in your hands Christ that beareth everything with His mere nod, do incline Him as thy Son with your entreaties, O most pure one, to deliver me from the assaults of the enemy, to encompass me with an abyss of mercy and to save me.

The Photagogicon. Similar to: Hearken, O ye women...

This day appeareth as a day specially set apart for us, since it is the day of the sacred successors of the holy apostles and at the same time both of the God-bearing teachers of the faith and of the invincible martyrs, whose prayerful memory we all are faithfully celebrating. [The Theotokion:

Thou, O most hymned Maiden, hast given birth unto the Angel of the great council of the Father---even Christ, the King of glory, preaching of Whose cross the hieromartyrs have enlightened the nations and have taught them to glorify thee as Theotokos and to adore thy bringing forth.

With the Lauds, the Stichera, Tone 4. Similar to: As a virtuous...

With the sacred unction and the blood of martyrs ye have180drawn near unto God, O all-glorious hieromartyrs, being blossoms of nature, ornament of reason, summits of wisdom, orthodoxy in theology, rule of the faith, discipline unto every community and unto the church magnificence. Twice.

Enjoining glorification unto sufferers and magnification unto martyrs, ye have, O God-wise ones, well taught yourselves to venture valiantly upon multifarious tortures, bonds and prisons, upon being stripped unto nakedness, bound in chains, fearfully frozen, and thereafter upon wounds and death, O hieromartyrs.

Through the multiformous tortures having thrown off the garment of death, ye have, O glorious martyrs, put on the raiment of incorruptibility and now are tabernacling in heaven, ever standing before the throne of God; wherefore in faith we celebrate your all-bright memory, embracing the shrine of your relics. [Glory...Tone 8.

You have passed your lives amidst the hierarchs and martyrs, appeared as faithful pastors and drunk of the cup of Christ; wherefore, having in both become acceptable to Christ, together with the highest servants, do supplicate before Him, now that ye are tabernacling in the light. [Both now...the Theotokion:

Taking up the voice of the archangel Gabriel, let us say: Hail thou, O Mother of God, who hast given birth to Christ the Life-giver unto the world. [The Stavro-theotokion:

The undefiled heifer seeing the Steer voluntarily being nailed upon the tree, compassionately bewailing, vociferated: Woe unto me, O my most beloved child! What hath the ungrateful Hebrew rabble rendered unto Thee, desiring to deprive me of Thee, O my all-beloved one.

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