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At the Vespers, for O Lord, I have cried, the Sticheras, Tone 1. Similar to: O all-praised martyrs...

Having, O all-honoured one, with the uprightness of thy heart comprehended the Boundless God, thou hast, O blessed one, believed in Him indubitably; having strictly followed His ineffable, saving injunctions, O most wise one, and having patiently endured the sufferings, thou hast attained the Kingdom immovable.


With thy honoured blood hast thou consecrated the earth and hast abrogated the defiled blood offered lawlessly unto demons, and received an incorruptible crown upon thy brow, O all-honoured one; wherefore, supplicate that unto our souls may be granted peace and great mercy.

Glorifying thy sacred struggles and exploits we also become consecrated, O all-honoured martyr (mentioned by name), thereby thou hast become associate of angels and companion of all the martyrs; supplicate together with them that unto our souls may be granted peace and great mercy.

Glory ...Both now. .. the Theotokion : Woe unto me! What will become of me whose mind and soul and the body are defiled with transgressions ? What can I do ? How can I escape the unendurable flame, the unbreakable and eternal chains? But, O all spotless one, before the end supplicate thy Son to grant me the remission. [The Stavro-theotokion :

Beholding her Lamb without form or comeliness on the cross, the Maiden-lamb and all-spotless Sovereign-Lady said bewailing: Woe unto me! Whither is Thy comeliness gone, O my sweetest Child ? Whither the stateliness ? Whither the sparkling grace of Thine eye, O mine all-beloved Son ?

If Idiomelion be appointed, Glory, Tone 6 : To-day all the universe is illumined with the rays of the passion-bearer, and the church of God, decorated with flowers, vociferateth unto thee, O martyr (mentioned by name) ; O favourite of Christ and the most fervent intercessor, cease not to pray for thy servants.

The Theotokion : We have comprehended the God incarnate of thee, O Theotokos-Virgin ; Him supplicate for the salvation of our souls.

The Stavro-theotokion, Similar to: Having laid all aside...

Seeing her Lamb lifted up on the cross, the Maiden-lamb undefiled of old and spotless Sovereign-Lady Motherly exclaimed and in astonishment cried out: What is this new and most glorious sight, O my sweet Child? How is it that the graceless people give Thee over unto the judgment of Pilate and condemn unto the death the Life of all? But I hymn Thine unspeakable condescension, O Word !


If the Celebration be with the Polyeleon, say the Theotokion of the resurrection: Who would not bless thee?... The Entrance. The Prokeimenon of the day. The Reading of the martyrs (see Appendix).

With the Versicles the Stichera, Tone 4. Similar to: As a virtuous...

Although the cruel tyrant gave thee over to be subjected to the most painful tortures, and thy much-suffering and much enduring body did undergo multifarious torments, thou, O God-mindful (mentioned by name), didst not renounce Christ, neither didst thou sacrifice unto idols, but hast endured all as if it were somebody else who suffered, awaiting future reward and undying theology.

The Versicle : The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree; he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Raised up and pared, shot at with stones, wounded with iron and finished off with a sword; thou didst remain inflexible, having fixed thy soul on the reasonable Rock, and therefore wast thou numbered unto the choirs of angels, being accounted worthy of the never-setting Light.

The Versicle : Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.

Thy relics, O glorious (mentioned by name), shed unto those that desire it, the healing of faculties, drown passions and diseases and disperse crowds of the evil demons; they give drink unto the hearts of the faithful that grow the divine fruits of virtues and the understanding of piety. [Glory ... Tone 6:

O come all ye, philo-martyrs, let us piously glorify the famous martyr of Christ (mentioned by name), who hath finished his course, for he hath bruised the head of the serpent, with his blood consecrated the earth, and is gone over from those living here unto the everlasting habitations; having obtained honours for his exploits from the hand of the Almighty, he doth implore unto our souls cleansing and great mercy.

Both now ...the Theotokion : O Theotokos, thou art the true vine...

The Stavro-theotokion : The most pure one seeing Thee hung 142on the cross, with motherly tears cried out unto Thee: O my God, my sweetest Child ! How is it that Thou sufferest the ignominious death?

The Troparion from the Typicon; but if there be no Typicon, say this Troparion, Tone 4:

Thy martyr, O Lord (mentioned by name), through his suffering, an incorruptible crown did obtain from Thee, our God; for, rejoicing in Thy strength, he laid low his tormentors and did beat off impotent affronts of the demons also; at his intercessions save our souls.

Glory ...Both now ...the Theotokion or the Stavro-theotokion.

At the Matins, for God, is the Lord, the same Troparion. After the 1st Stichologia, the Cathisma, Tone 1. Similar to : The choir of angels...

Having held in detestation the military forces of the earth, thou, O martyr, didst desire the glory of heaven and hast endured pains and the necessary death; wherefore to-day we celebrate thine all-holy memory, offering praise unto Christ, O most blessed (mentioned by name).

Glory ...Both now ...the Theotokion: As truly the Mother of God and Virgin we all supplicate thee, calling upon thy compassions and fleeing lovingly unto thy goodness, for in thee we, sinners, possess protection, and have acquired in thee salvation in afflictions, O only most pure one.

After the 2nd Stichologia, the Cathisma, Tone 4. Similar to : Thou hast appeared to-day...

Having finished thy true course, thou hast vanquished all the might of thy tormentors, hast obtained the crown from the hand of the Almighty, O all-honoured (mentioned by name), and hast appeared as associate of angels. Twice.

Glory ...Both now...the Theotokion: The Word of the Father, Christ, our God, that was incarnate of thee, we have come to know, O Theotokos Virgin, the only pure, the only blessed one; wherefore, incessantly hymning thee, we magnify thee.


After Praise ye the name of the Lord, the Refrain :

We magnify thee, O holy martyr (mentioned by name), and honour thy precious sufferings which thou didst endure for Christ's sake. The selected Psalm: God is our refuge and strength...

After the Polyeleon, the Cathisma, Tone 4:

As Christ's invincible warrior, great vanquisher of the enemy, shining forth in great miracles, let us all in faith laud the martyr (mentioned by name), for he doth shed healings unto those that come to him in faith, appeaseth great pains and intercedeth for those that are afflicted. [Twice.

Glory ... Both now ... the Theotokion:

A wall unassailable art thou for us Christians, O Theotokos Virgin, for, having recourse unto thee, we remain unhurt and, when we sin afresh, we have in thee our intercessor; wherefore rendering thee thanks, we vociferate unto thee! Hail thou, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

The Graduals, the 1st Antiphon of the 4th Tone. The Prokeimenon: The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree; he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. The Verse: Those that be planted in the house of the Lord, shall flourish in the courts of our God. Let every breath... The Gospel, St. Luke, 12, 2-12.

After the 50th Psalm the Sticheron, Tone 6 : To-day all the universe (given in the Vespers).

The Canon, Tone 5, Ode 1. The Heirmos :

Both horse and horseman hath Christ overthrown into the Red Sea destroying the hosts with His exalted arm, but He saved Israel who sung the hymn of victory.

Standing before the throne of God with boldness, as an invincible martyr, do thou, O God-blessed one, preserve with thine intercessions those who lovingly celebrate thy holy passion.

Having in thy soul an abiding supply of the living water, thou hast, O holy and all-glorious one, dried up the turbid streams of evil, being strengthened by the grace of the Saviour, O God-blessed one.


Being strengthened with the power of God, thou, O God-blessed one, wast enabled to break down the pride of the enemy, and becamest a great vanquisher and a citizen of the city on high. [The Theotokion :

Do manifest on me, wretched, thy compassion, O most pure Lady, assiduously supplicating thy Son, O most holy one, that we may escape eternal fire through thine intercession.

Ode 3. The Heirmos :

Thou that hast set up the earth upon nothing with Thy command and suspended it freely hanging, do Thou, O Christ, stablish Thy church on the immoveable rock of Thy commandments, O only Good One and Lover of man.

Drawing away from the dung of passions and nearing God with divine purity, thou hast, O worthy of glory, obtained illumination from God, which sheweth thee to be the son of light, as one who does the work of light.

The military calling and great earthly glory hast thou accounted as nothing; wherefore hast thou enlisted as a soldier of Christ and was numbered among the companies of martyrs, rejoicing thereat, O blessed martyr (mentioned by name), the God-bearer.

The paths of thy progress, O wondrous one, being directed in the way of peace, thou didst, O glorious one, enter the Kingdom of God, the midst of paradise and eternal rest. [The Theotokion :

Having given birth unto the Master and Maker of the whole creation, thou hast appeared, O pure Sovereign-Lady, more honourable than the cherubim and seraphim, wherefore we -- all the generations -- dutifully bless thee.

The Cathisma, Tone 5. Similar to: The Co-unoriginate Word...

Illumined with the brilliancy of virtues and adorned with the halo of martyrdom, thou, O most wise one, dost steadily shine more than the sun, and enlighteneth truly those who faithfully keep thy light-bearing memory: O all-glorious martyr (mentioned by name), save those that adore thy relics.

Glory ...Both now...The Theotokion: The awful miracle of conception and ineffable manner of child-birth were manifested in thee, O pure Ever-virgin. My mind is terrified and my145reason bewildered thereat, and thy glory, O Theotokos, hath reached us all unto the salvation of our souls.

The Stavro-theotokion: By the cross of thy Son, O full of God's grace, the enchantment of idols hath been done away with and the might of demons vanquished. Wherefore we, the faithful, dutifully ever hymn and bless thee, and confessing thee as truly the Theotokos, we magnify thee.

Ode 4. The Heirmos :

Thine, O Christ, divine-emptying having perspicaciously penetrated, Habbakuk in his terror cried out unto Thee : For the salvation of Thy people, to save Thine anointed art Thou come.

Adorned with the love and trust in God, O most wise one, thou hast shone forth as a martyr, O most blessed one, and unto the angels co-citizen hast thou become, O most glorious one.

Immovable and inflexible didst thou remain, living in exile and deprived of thine own, for the sake of the Master -- God of all, O God-blessed and most wise one.

Having laboured well and being adorned with the virtues of a martyr, thou didst go over unto the unseen good things, reaping the honours of thy labours. [The Theotokion :

He that is known to be on high with the Father, for our sake becometh incarnate below of thee, O all-spotless Sovereign Lady, through the abundance of compassion, the only Good One and Lover of man.

Ode 5. The Heirmos :

Unto Thee that arrayest Thyself with light as with a garment, do I watch and to Thee I call : Enlighten, O Christ, my darkened soul, as the only Compassionate One.

Strengthened by the laws of the Almighty, thou hast repelled the advices of the lawless, and having suffered in accordance with the laws, thou hast, O martyr, obtained the crown of incorruption.

The coals of seduction, hast thou, O most wise one, extinguished in the streams of thy blood, and now, pouring the waters of healing, dost thou drive away by God's grace the flame of disease.

Enabled wast thou, O martyr, in the infirmity of thy flesh to bring to ruin the resourceful in snares serpent, and by grace hast thou, O wise one, rejected his manifold allurements.


The Theotokion : Mortify, O most spotless Virgin, I implore thee, the soul corrupting passions of my body, having given birth in the flesh unto the source of impassivity, Christ the God.

Ode 6. The Heirmos:

Do tranquillize, O Master, Christ, the sea of passions infuriated by the soul-destructive tempest and bring me out of corruption, as Compassionate One.

Before the judgment of the law breakers didst thou stand, O martyr of Christ (mentioned by name), and hast uprooted all the deceit; thou wast judged for Christ's sake and in thy manly wisdom didst confute the accusation.

Thou wast adorned, O most wise martyr of Christ, in thy passion with divine virtues; wherefore wast thou enlightened by Christ and didst remain in incorruption.

With thy blood hast thou consecrated the earth and with thy consecrated soul hast thou, O most blessed one, illumined heaven and filled with joy the choirs of martyrs. [The Theotokion :

Taught of the Spirit, the prophet foresaw in thee a door through which God hath passed on becoming incarnate, leaving it again sealed, O most spotless one.

The Contakion from the Typicon; but if there be no Typicon,

say this Contakion, Tone 2. Similar to : Seeking the highest...

Thou hast appeared as a bright star, uninviting for the world, but a sun announcing Christ with thy rays, O martyr (mentioned by name); all the enchantment hast thou extinguished and grantest unto us light, supplicating incessantly for us all. [The Oikos :

Grant me melody, O my God, to hymn and recite and honour the exploits of Thy passion -- endurer and martyr, that I may harmoniously laud the great in suffering (mentioned by name), who ever was the vanquisher of passions, great in piety and is now shining forth in the midst of the choir of martyrs, with whom and a multitude of angels, he doth incessantly hymn Christ, receiving from above divine illumination and praying unceasingly for us all.


Ode 7. The Heirmos :

The most exalted Lord of the fathers hath subdued the flame and bedewed the youths who were harmoniously singing: O God, blessed art Thou.

Translating thy martyred body, the people loving to honour thee, O great sufferer and wise one, gratefully cried out: Blessed is the God of our fathers.

By the grace of God thou hast destroyed the offerings of the Hellens, and having loosed thyself from the bodily ties, by martyrdom hast thou, O blessed one, ended thy days for Christ's sake, having suffered according to law.

As if in a chariot didst thou sit on thy blood, O martyr worthy of praise, and with joy didst go up into the abodes of rest beyond this world. [The Theotokion :

Glory unto all art thou, O pure one, and strengthening unto those that confess thee, O all spotless one, to be the Mother of God Who hath above nature passed out of thy womb.

Ode 8. The Heirmos:

Unto Thee, the Maker of all things, the youths in the furnace, having formed an exquisite choir, sung : Hymn the Lord, all ye the works, and exalt Him unto all the ages.

Of Jerusalem above wast thou the heir and hast died in exile, O most wise one, singing incessantly: Hymn the Lord, all ye the works, and exalt Him unto all the ages.

Thou hast partaken of many woes, O blessed one, and now sorrowless life hast thou obtained, wherefrom dost thou call out: Hymn the Lord, all ye the works, and exalt Him unto all the ages.

Enabled wast thou by the all-accomplishing God's power to destroy the enchantments of the Hellens and their all-wily sophistries and to receive from the Master of all the crown of incorruption, O martyr. [The Theotokion :

The All-compassionate Word out of thee, O pure one, hath taken the flesh and united Himself unto men. Him, O all-holy one, supplicate to mortify the urging of my flesh and to save my soul.


Ode 9. The Heirmos:

Isaiah, exult! The Virgin had in the belly and bare a Son, Emmanuel, both God and man, Orient is His name: Him magnifying, we glorify the Virgin.

O come ye faithful gathered together, let us to-day celebrate the sacred solemnity of the most blessed and sacred martyr of Christ (mentioned by name); for in his martyrdom he hath by divine power, vanquished all the multitude of enemies.

Adorned wast thou, O glorious one, with the divine qualities of martyrdom and on thy blood as in a chariot of fire hast thou joyfully ascended and reached the heavens to behold the ineffable goodness of our Saviour. A select warrior of Christ the God and great-sufferer hast thou appeared; wherefore now dost thou dwell in the Kingdom on high, being gloriously adorned with the crown of a victor, O all-praised martyr.

The Theotokion : Having given birth unto the enlightenment of those in darkness, even Christ, do thou, O all-holy one, illumine my blinded soul and grant that I may proceed along the paths that lead unto the life, O instructress of all hymning thee. [The Photagogicon:

As a light-bearing sun with wondrous rays dost thou instruct all creation, O most glorious martyr (mentioned by name) wherefore celebrating thy memory we entreat Him Who rose from the grave to deliver all from dangers. [The Theotokion:

With thy mighty protection do, O pure one, ever preserve unhurt by the assaults of the enemy us, thy servants; for in thee alone we have acquired a shelter from dangers.

With the Lauds, the Stichera, Tone 4. Similar to :

Called from above...

In psalms as well as in odes the people laud thy glorious memory, O (mentioned by name), for it hath shone forth magnificently and brilliantly, adorned with glory and grace. Wherefore, to-day exult the orders of angels, the martyrs together with apostles praise, O martyr, thy sufferings at thy martyrdom, and hymn the Saviour-Christ, our God, that hath glorified thee; Him supplicate that He may save and enlighten our souls. [Twice.


Thou wast found, O (mentioned by name), equipped with a complete armament of Christ by those who did not look for thee; for being for Christ's sake burned with fire and treating with scorn the godless fury of the vain gods, thou didst then call out unto the lawless ones: I wage war for my King, Christ; neither beast, nor wheels, nor any other torment can ever separate me from the love to my Christ. Him supplicate to save and enlighten our souls.

Having contemned both manifold vessels and various tortures together with the fearful instruments, thou hast, O crown-bearer (mentioned by name), ended thy pious course in martyrdom; wherefore we crown thy most illustrious memory with the flowers of hymns and in faith kiss thy precious relies; but since thou dost stand before the throne of the Master, Christ our God, cease not to supplicate that He may save and enlighten our souls. [Glory ...Tone 1:

O glory of the martyrs (mentioned by name)! Having set against the deceit thine illustrious victories, thou dost, through thy diligence, carry everywhere the bodily glory benignly as victor, and now do raise up from falling into sin those who in faith honour thy memory. [Both now...the Theotokion:

Hail thou, O Theotokos-Virgin, since thou gavest birth unto the King of heaven, the Saviour and Illumines of our souls.

The Stavro-theotokion. Similar to : O all-famous martyrs...

Beholding her Lamb without either form or comeliness, on the cross, the Maiden-lamb and all-spotless Sovereign-Lady, said bewailing: Woe unto me! Whither is Thy comeliness gone, O my sweetest Child? Whither the stateliness? Whither the sparkling grace of Thine eye, O mine All-beloved Son?


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