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O LORD, I am not worthy, I am not
that Thou shouldest come under the roof
of my soul;
for it is all desolate and ruined;
nor hast Thou in me fitting place
to lay Thy head.
But, as Thou didst vouchsafe
to lie in the cavern and manger of brute
as Thou didst not disdain
to be entertained in the house of Simon
the leper;
as Thou didst not disdain
that harlot, like me, who was a
coming to Thee: and touching Thee;
as Thou abhorredst not
her polluted and loathsome mouth;
nor the thief upon the cross
confessing Thee:
150So me too the ruined, wretched,
and excessive sinner,
deign to receive to the touch and
of the immaculate, supernatural,
and saving mysteries
of Thy all‑holy Body
and Thy precious Blood.
Listen, O Lord, our God,
from Thy holy habitation,
and from the glorious throne of Thy
and come to sanctify us.
O Thou who sittest on high with the
and art present with us here invisibly;
come Thou to sanctify the gifts which
lie before Thee,
and those in whose behalf, and by
and the things for which,
they are brought near Thee.
And grant to us communion,
unto faith, without shame,
love without: dissimulation,
fulfilment of Thy commandments,
alacrity for every spiritual fruit;
hindrance of all adversity,
healing of soul and body;
that we too, with all Saints,
who have been well‑pleasing to Thee
from the beginning,
may become partakers
of Thy incorrupt and everlasting goods,
which Thou hast prepared, O Lord, for
them that love Thee;
in whom Thou art glorified
for ever and ever.
Lamb of God,
that takest away the sin of the world,
take away the sin of me,
the utter sinner.

[Unto a pledge of communion. (Acts ii. 42.)

A memorial of the Dispensation. (Eph. iii. 2.)

A showing forth of His death. (1 Cor. xi. 26.)

A communion of Body and Blood. (Luke xxii. 19.)

A sharing in the Spirit. (1 Cor. xii. 13.)


Remission of sins. (Matt. xxvi. 28.)

A riddance of things contrary. (1 Cor. v. 7.)

Rest of conscience. (Matt. xi. 29.)

Blotting out of debts. (Col. ii. 14.)

Cleansing of stains. (Heb. ix. 14.)

Healing of the soul’s sicknesses. (1 Pet. ii. 24.)

Renewing of the covenant. (Psalm ii. 5.)

Food of spiritual life. (John vi. 27.)

Increase of strengthening grace. (Heb. xiii. 9.)

And of winning consolation. (Luke ii. 25.)

Compunction of penitence. (2 Cor. vii. 9.)

Illumination of mind: (Luke xxiv. 31.)

Exercise of humility. (1 Peter v. 5.)

Seal of faith. (2 Cor. i. 22.)

Fulness of wisdom. (Rom. xi. 33.)

Bond of love. (John xiii. 35.)

Call for a .collection. (1 Cor. xvi. 1.)

A means of endurance. (1 Peter iv. 1.)

Liveliness of thanksgiving. (Psalm cxvi. 12.)

Confidence of prayer, (Ibid. 13.)


Mutual indwelling. (John vi. 56.)

Pledge of the resurrection. (Ibid. 34.)

Acceptable defence in judgment. (Luke xiv. 18.)

Covenant of the inheritance. (Luke xxii. 20.)

Figure of perfection. (John xvii. 23.)]

We then remembering, O sovereign
in the presence of Thy holy mysteries,
the salutary passion of Thy Christ,
His life‑giving cross,
most precious death,
three days’ sepulture,
resurrection from the dead,
ascent into heaven,
session at the right hand of Thee,
the Father,
His fearful and glorious coming;
we beseech Thee, O Lord,
that we, receiving in the pure testimony
of our conscience,
our portion of Thy sacred things,
may be made one with the holy Body
and Blood
of Thy Christ;
154and receiving them not unworthily,
we may hold Christ indwelling in our
and may become a temple
of Thy Holy Spirit.
Yea, O our God,
nor make any of us guilty
of Thy dreadful and heavenly mysteries,
nor infirm in soul or body
from partaking of them unworthily.
But grant us
until our last and closing breath
worthily to receive a hope of Thy holy
for sanctification, enlightening,
a relief of the weight of my many sins,
a preservative against all satanic
a riddance and hindrance of my evil
a mortification of my passions,
an appropriation of Thy commandments,
an increase of Thy divine grace;
and a securing of Thy kingdom.

* * * * *


It is finished and done,
so far as in our power,
Christ our God,
the mystery of Thy dispensation.
For we have held remembrance of Thy
we have seen the figure of Thy
we have been filled with Thy endless
we have enjoyed Thy uncloying dainties,
which graciously vouchsafe all of us,
in the world to come.
Lord, the good God,
pardon every soul,
that purifieth his heart to seek God,
the Lord God of His fathers,
though he be not cleansed
according to the purification of the


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