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III2020Vide p. 206, Edition of 1675.

The creation, the race of man,
all in affliction and in prosperity,
in error, and in truth,
in sin, and in grace;

the Church Ecumenical,
Eastern, Western, our own,
Rulers, Clergy, people.
States of the earth,
Christian, neighbouring, our own,
the King, the Queen, the Prince,
the nobles.
Parliament, Law Courts, army, police.
The Commons,
farmers, merchants, artisans,
down to mean workmen,
and poor.
Those who have a claim on me,
from kindred,
ministration of things temporal,
charge formerly or now,
natural kindness,
Christian love,
promise on my part,
their own desire,
their lack of leisure,
sympathy for their extreme misery;
any good work,
any noble action,
any scandal from me,
having none to pray for them.

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