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I1818Vide p. 90; Edition of 1675.

For all creatures, our own.
men, Councillors,
persons compassed judges,
with infirmity nobles,
Churches soldiers,
Catholic, sailors,
Eastern, the people,
Western, the rising
British. generation,
The Episcopate, schools,
Presbytery, those at court,
clergy, in cities,
Christian people. the country.
States Those who serve
of the whole earth, the soul;
Christian, those who serve
neighbouring, the body,
our own. in food,
Rulers, clothing,
kings, health,
religious kings, necessaries:
136[Those who have in neighbourhood;
a claim on my from promise,
prayers,] from mutual
in nature, offices,
by benefits, from want of
from trust, leisure,
formerly or now, from destitution,
in friendship, from extremity.
in love,

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