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A DEPRECATION1414Vide p. 92, Edition of 1675.

LORD, Thou knowest, and canst,
and wiliest
the good, of my soul.
Miserable man am I;
I neither know, nor can, nor, as I ought,
will it.
Thou, O Lord, I beseech Thee,
in Thine ineffable affection,
so order concerning me,
and so dispose,
as Thou knowest to be most pleasing
to Thee,
and most good for me,
[Thine is]
goodness, grace;
love, kindness;
benignity, gentleness, consideration;
forbearance, long‑sufferings;
much pity, great pity;
128mercies, multitude of mercies,
yearnings of mercies;
kind yearnings, deep yearnings;
in passing over,
in overlooking, in disregarding;
many seasons, many years;
[punishing] unwillingly, not willingly;
not to the full,
not correspondently,
in wrath remembering mercy,
repenting of the evil,
compensating doubly,
ready to pardon,
to be reconciled,
to be appeased.

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