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I believe
that Thou hast created me;
despise not the work of Thine own
111that Thou madest me after Thine image
and likeness,
suffer not Thy likeness to be blotted
that Thou host redeemed me in
Thy blood,
suffer not the cost of that redemption
to perish;
that Thou host called me Christian
after Thy name,
disdain not Thine own title;
that Thou host hallowed me in
destroy not Thy holy work;—
than Thou halt grafted me into the
good olive‑tree,
the member of a mystical body;
the member of Thy mystical body,
cut not off.
O think upon Thy servant as concerning
Thy word,
wherein Thou hast caused me to put
my trust.
My soul hath longed for Thy salvation,
and I have good hope because of
Thy word.



[I pray]
forthe prosperous advance and good
of all the Christian army,
against the enemies of our most holy
for our holy fathers,
and all our brotherhood in Christ;
for those who hate and those who
love us,
for those who pity and those who
minister to us;
for those whom we have promised
to remember in prayer;
for the liberation of captives;
for our fathers and brethren absent;
for those who voyage by sea;
for those who lie in sickness.
Let us pray also for fruitfulness of the
and for every soul of orthodox
Let us bless pious kings,
orthodox high‑priests,
113the founders of this holy retreat,
our parents,
and all our forefathers
and our brethren departed.

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