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[Give me grace]
to put aside every weight,
and the sin that doth so easily beset us;
all filthiness
and superfluity of naughtiness,
lust‑of the flesh, of the eyes,
pride of life,
every motion, of flesh and spirit
alienated from the will of Thy sanctity:
96to be poor in spirit,
that I have a portion in the kingdom of
to mourn, that I be comforted;
to be meek, that I inherit the earth;
to hunger and thirst for righteousness,
that I be filled;
to be pitiful, that I be pitied;
to be pure in heart, that I see God;
to be a peace‑maker that I be called the
son of God;
to be prepared for persecutions and
revilings for righteousness’ sake,
that my reward be in heaven,—
all this, grant to me, O Lord.

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