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Let us pray God,
for the whole creation;
for the supply of seasons,
healthy, fruitful, peaceful;
for the whole race of mankind;
for those who are not Christians;
for the conversion of Atheists,
the ungodly;
Gentiles, Turks, and Jews;
for all Christians;
57for restoration of all
who languish in errors and sins;
for confirmation of all
who have been granted truth and
for succour and comfort of all
who are dispirited, infirm, distressed,
men and women;
for thankfulness and sobriety in all
who are hearty, healthy, prosperous,
men and women;

For the Catholic Church,
its establishment and increase;

for the Eastern,
its deliverance and union;

for the Western,
its adjustment and peace;

for the British,
the supply of what is wanting in it,
the strengthening of what remains in it;
for the episcopate, presbytery, Christian people

for the states of the inhabited world;


for Christian states,
far off, near at hand;
for our own;
for all in rule;
for our divinely‑guarded king,
the queen and the prince;
for those who have place in the court;
for parliament and judicature,
army and police,
commons and their leaders,
farmers, graziers, fishers, merchants,
traders, and mechanics,
down to mean workmen, and the poor,
for the rising generation;
for the good nurture of all the royal
of the young ones of the nobility;
for all in universities, in inns of court,
in schools in town or country,
in apprenticeships;
for those who have a claim on me from
for brothers and sisters,
that God’s blessing may be on them,
and on their children;
or from benefits conferred,
59that Thy recompence may be on all
who have benefited me,
who have ministered to me in carnal
or from trust placed in me,
for all whom I have educated,
all whom I have ordained:
for my college, my parish,
Southwell, St. Paul’s, Westminster,
Dioceses of Chichester, Ely, and my
clergy, people, helps, governments,
the deanery in the chapel royal;
the almonry,
the colleges committed to me;88As Visitor.
or from natural kindness,
for all who love me,
though I know them not;
or from Christian love;
for those who hate me without cause,
some too, even on account of truth and
or from neighbourhood,
for all who dwell near me
peaceably and harmlessly;
60or from promise,
for all whom I have promised to
remember in my prayers;
or from mutual offices,
for all who remember me in their prayers,
and ask of me the same;
or from stress of engagements,
for all who on sufficient reasons fail to
call upon Thee;
for all who have no intercessor
in their own behalf;
for all who at present are in agony
of extreme necessity or deep affliction;
for all who are attempting any good work
which will bring glory to the Name of God
or some great good to the Church;
for all who act nobly
either towards things sacred
or towards the poor:
for all who have ever been offended by me
either in word or in deed.
God have mercy on me and bless me;
God shew the light of His countenance
upon me and pity me.
God bless me, even our God,
God bless me and receive my prayer;
61O direct my life towards Thy
hallow my soul,
purify my body,
correct my thoughts,
cleanse my desires,
soul and body, mind and spirit,
heart and reins.
Renew me thoroughly, O God,
for, if Thou wilt, Thou canst.

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