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[The Ten Commandments]

Remove from me

1. all iniquity and profaneness, superstition, and hypocrisy.

2. worship of idols, of persons.

3. rash oath, and curse.

4. neglect or indecency of worship.

5. haughtiness and recklessness.

6. strife and wrath.

7. passion and corruption.

8. indolence and fraud.

9. lying and injuriousness.

10. every evil notion, every impure thought, every base desire, every unseemly thought.

Grant to me,

1. to be religious and pious.

2. to worship and serve.

3. to bless and swear truly.

4. to confess meetly in the congregation.

5. affection and obedience.


6. patience and good temper.

7. purity and soberness.

8. contentedness and goodness.

9. truth and incorruptness.

10. good thoughts, perseverance to the end.

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