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My hands will I lift up
unto Thy commandments which I have
Open Thou mine eyes that I may see,
incline my heart that I may desire,
order my steps that I may follow,
the way of Thy commandments.
O Lord God, be Thou to me a God,
and beside Thee none else,
none else, nought else with Thee.
Vouchsafe to me, to worship Thee and
serve Thee
1. in truth of spirit,
2. in reverence of body,
3. in blessing of lips,
4. in private and in public;
355. to pay honour to them that have the
rule over me,
by obedience and submission,
to shew affection to my own,
by carefulness and providence;
6. to overcome evil with good;
7. to possess my vessel in sanctification
and honour;
8. to have my converse without
content with what I have;
9. to speak the truth in love;
10. to be desirous not to lust,
not to lust passionately,
not to go after lusts.


1. To bruise the serpent’s head. (Gen. iii. 15.)

2. To remember my latter end. (Deut. xxvii. 29.)

3. To cut off opportunities. (2 Cor. xi. 12.)


4. To be sober. (1 Pet. v. 8.)

5. Not to sit idle. (Matt. xx. 6.)

6. To shun the wicked. (Ps. xxvi. 5.)

7. To cleave to the good. (Rom. xii. 9.)

8. To make a covenant with the eyes. (Job xxxi. 1.)

9. To bring my body into subjection. (1 Cor. ix. 27.)

10. To give myself unto prayer. (1 Cor. vii. 5.)

11. To betake myself to penitence. (2 Pet. iii. 9.)

Hedge up, my way with thorns,
that I find not the path
for following vanity.
Hold Thou me in with bit and bridle,
lest I fall from Thee.
O Lord compel me to come in to Thee.

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