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To my weariness, O Lord,
vouchsafe Thou rest,
to my exhaustion
renew Thou strength.
Lighten mine eyes that I sleep not in
Deliver me from the terror by night,
the pestilence that walketh in darkness.
Supply me with healthy sleep,
and to pass through this night without
O keeper of Israel,
who neither slumberest nor sleepest,
guard me this night from all evil,
guard my soul, O Lord.
Visit me with the visitation of Thine own,
reveal to me wisdom in the visions of
the night.
If not, for I am not worthy, not worthy;
at least, O loving Lord,
let sleep be to me a breathing time
as from toil, so from sin.
Yea, O Lord,
nor let me in my dreams imagine
23what may anger Thee,
what may defile me.
Let not my loins be, filled with illusions,
yea, let my reins chasten me in the night
yet without grievous terror.
Preserve me from the black sleep of sin;
all earthly and evil thoughts
put to sleep within me.
Grant to me light sleep,
rid of all imaginations
fleshly and satanical.
Lord, Thou knowest
how sleepless are mine unseen foes,
and how feeble my wretched flesh,
who madest me;
shelter me with, the wing of Thy pity;
awaken me at the fitting time,
the time of prayer;
and give me to seek Thee early,
for Thy glory, and for Thy service.

Here use the form of Intercession, No. 3.

Into Thy hands, O Lord, I commend
my spirit, soul, and body:
24Thou didst make, and didst redeem
and together with me, all my friends
and all that belongs to me.
Thou hast vouchsafed them to me, Lord,
in Thy goodness.
Guard my lying down and my rising up,
from henceforth and for ever.
Let me remember Thee on my bed,
and search out my spirit;
let me wake up and be present with
let me lay me down in peace,
and take my rest:
for it is Thou, Lord, only
that makest me dwell in safety.

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