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THE following Translation of the Greek Devotions of Bishop Andrewes is made from the Edition of 1675, and has already appeared in a publication of the day. It is reprinted in its present form in compliance with the suggestion of many persons, who naturally wished to possess it simply as a devotional work, apart from its controversial bearings. A few alterations have been made in the arrangement of its separate parts, as they occur in the present text of the original, but only with a view to its answering more fully the purpose for which it seems to have been composed, of furnishing a manual of devotion for every day of the week. Accordingly, such portions of the work, as were obviously without or out of place, have been inserted, where they were wanted, in the course of the prayers; or collected together at the end; or, if repetitions, omitted. No vialterations have been made in the text itself; and all transpositions are noted at the foot of the page as they occur.

J. H. N.


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