St. Thomas Aquinas

The Summa Theologica

(Benziger Bros. edition, 1947)
Translated by
Fathers of the English Dominican Province





  1. Of the Parts of Penance, in Particular, and First of Contrition
  2. Of the Object of Contrition
  3. Of the Degree of Contrition
  4. Of the Time for Contrition
  5. Of the Effect of Contrition
  6. Of Confession, As Regards Its Necessity
  7. Of the Nature of Confession
  8. Of the Minister of Confession
  9. Of the Quality of Confession
  10. Of the Effect of Confession
  11. Of the Seal of Confession
  12. Of Satisfaction, As to Its Nature
  13. Of the Possibility of Satisfaction
  14. Of the Quality of Satisfaction
  15. Of the Means of Making Satisfaction
  16. Of Those Who Receive the Sacrament of Penance
  17. Of the Power of the Keys
  18. Of the Effect of the Keys
  19. Of the Minister of the Keys
  20. Of Those on Whom the Power of the Keys Can Be Exercised
  21. Of the Definition, Congruity and Cause of Excommunication
  22. Of Those Who Can Excommunicate or Be Excommunicated
  23. Of Communication with Excommunicated Persons
  24. Of Absolution from Excommunication
  25. Of Indulgences
  26. Of Those Who Can Grant Indulgences
  27. Of Those Whom Indulgences Avail
  28. Of the Solemn Rite of Penance
  29. Of Extreme Unction, As Regards Its Essence and Institution
  30. Of the Effect of This Sacrament
  31. Of the Minister of This Sacrament
  32. On Whom Should This Sacrament Be Conferred and on What Part of the Body?
  33. Of the Repetition of This Sacrament
  34. Of the Sacrament of Order As to Its Essence and Its Parts
  35. Of the Effect of This Sacrament
  36. Of the Qualities Required of Those Who Receive This Sacrament
  37. Of the Distinction of Orders, of Their Acts, and the Imprinting of the Character
  38. Of Those Who Confer This Sacrament
  39. Of the Impediments to This Sacrament
  40. Of the Things Annexed to the Sacrament of Order
  41. Of the Sacrament of Matrimony As Directed to an Office of Nature
  42. Of Matrimony As a Sacrament
  43. Of Matrimony with Regard to the Betrothal
  44. Of the Definition of Matrimony
  45. Of the Marriage Consent Considered in Itself
  46. Of the Consent to Which an Oath or Carnal Intercourse Is Added
  47. Of Compulsory and Conditional Consent
  48. Of the Object of the Consent
  49. Of the Marriage Goods
  50. Of the Impediments of Marriage, in General
  51. Of the Impediment of Error
  52. Of the Impediment of the Condition of Slavery
  53. Of the Impediment of Vows and Orders
  54. Of the Impediment of Consanguinity
  55. Of the Impediment of Affinity
  56. Of the Impediment of Spiritual Relationship
  57. Of Legal Relationship, Which Is by Adoption
  58. Of the Impediments of Impotence, Spell, Frenzy or Madness, Incest and Defective Age
  59. Of Disparity of Worship As an Impediment to Marriage
  60. Of Wife-Murder
  61. Of the Impediment to Marriage, Arising from a Solemn Vow
  62. Of the Impediment That Supervenes to Marriage after Its Consummation, Namely Fornication
  63. Of Second Marriages
  64. Of the Things Annexed to Marriage, and First of the Payment of the Marriage Debt
  65. Of Plurality of Wives
  66. Of Bigamy and of the Irregularity Contracted Thereby
  67. Of the Bill of Divorce
  68. Of Illegitimate Children
  69. Of Matters Concerning the Resurrection, and First of the Place Where Souls Are after Death
  70. Of the Quality of the Soul after Leaving the Body, and of the Punishment Inflicted on It by Material Fire
  71. Of the Suffrages for the Dead
  72. Of Prayers with Regard to the Saints in Heaven
  73. Of the Signs That Will Precede the Judgment
  74. Of the Fire of the Final Conflagration
  75. Of the Resurrection
  76. Of the Cause of the Resurrection
  77. Of the Time and Manner of the Resurrection
  78. Of the Term, "Wherefrom" of the Resurrection
  79. Of the Conditions of Those Who Rise Again, and First of Their Identity
  80. Of the Integrity of the Bodies in the Resurrection
  81. Of the Quality of Those Who Rise Again
  82. Of the Impassibility of the Bodies of the Blessed after Their Resurrection
  83. Of the Subtlety of the Bodies of the Blessed
  84. Of the Agility of the Bodies of the Blessed
  85. Of the Clarity of the Beatified Bodies
  86. Of the Conditions under Which the Bodies of the Damned Will Rise Again
  87. Of the Knowledge Which, after Rising Again, Men Will Have at the Judgment Concerning Merits and Demerits
  88. Of the General Judgment, As to the Time and Place at Which It Will Be
  89. Of Those Who Will Judge and of Those Who Will Be Judged at the General Judgment
  90. Of the Form of the Judge in Coming to the Judgment
  91. Of the Quality of the World after the Judgment
  92. Of the Vision of the Divine Essence in Reference to the Blessed
  93. Of the Happiness of the Saints and of Their Mansions
  94. Of the Relations of the Saints towards the Damned
  95. Of the Gifts of the Blessed
  96. Of the Aureoles
  97. Of the Punishment of the Damned
  98. Of the Will and Intellect of the Damned
  99. Of God's Mercy and Justice towards the Damned

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